Pentel Energel

If you are one of those people who has to write hundreds and hundreds of pages through the whole week Pentel Energel pens will suit you perfectly.

Differently to ballpoint pens, gel pens don’t require much pressure when writing because of the type of inks they use (pigments suspended in water-based gels), which it translates in smoother lines and less stress in your hand and fingers. 

There is wide gamma of good brands that you can try when buying gel pens. I in particular have only tried Pentel energel pens because of the good experiences I have had with this brand in particular (and that said I’m really happy with my set of pens).

Anyway, since I’m not the most qualify person for giving you the pros and cons of different brands when talking about gel pens I do want to give you a list of the best gel pens (based on the reviews I’ve read), so that, you will have a base to go forwards:

  • Pilot G2 Premium: A retractable and refillable pen (“Pilot G2 gel” is the cartridges reference).
  • Gelmushta Gel Pens: It has 120 different colors available. The set they offer it could suit you if you want to draw with different color pens

Feel free to try the ones you feel you are going to be more comfortable with and please leave a comment letting me know the one you like the most.   

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