Pentel GraphGear 1000

Modified drawing performed with a Pentel Graphgear 1000

Before I start talking about the Pentel Graphgear 1000 I first want to tell you about my experience with mechanical pencils, so that, you can picture the reason why I love this one in particular. I know from first hand that one of the issues that use to happened with mechanical pencils is that they end up breaking themselves (mine gets stuck, tip breaks up or simply the whole thing stops working).

I don’t know about you but I’m one of those superstitious guys who believes that if I don’t have my lucky mechanical pencil at hand I’m going to do wrong in my tests and all those stuffs (just like Dexter and Mandark), the issue with me is that stead of a unique mechanical pencil, my lucky one was a particular reference of Faber Castle that was sold in my collage. I really loved it! Especially because it has a long and thin tip and all its shape was slim, the inconvenience that I used to had is that I constantly had to buy at least two pencils of the same brand reference in order of having one in reserve in my bag because I’m a mechanical pencil destroyer and I didn’t want to mess up my test when the time shows up.

Since I was spending more money than What I really needed buying mechanical pencils I went to my lovely friend google looking for a better option, and guess what… Among all of the options I found and all the videos I saw I felt in love with the Pentel Graphgear 1000 because it gathers all of the things I like in a mechanical pencil: it’s elegant, has a perfect grab, it’s resistant, economic (compare to the amount I was expending before) and the thing that made me said “wow” because it really blew my mind is that it has a retractile tip.

Yes, I know this is a simple thing, but only because of that I’m saving the money of what it would cost me to buy at least 2 of the mechanical pencils I used before, and this is because tips breaking up was one of the main reasons I had to be constantly buying them in first place.

All said above are the reasons why I do recommend Pentel Graph Gear and if you want to buy your Graph Gear 1000 as I did, click on the follow links:

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